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Smiles for miles!

The best part about serving is the way it makes you feel. It's fun to get gifts, but it much more fulfilling to give than to get. Serving just makes us happy.

A Man And His Weedeater?

We've all heard the phrase, "A boy and his dog", but have you heard the one about the "Man and his weedeater"?

Technique Matters

Gentle roll up, slide down, roll up, pull down, use your wrist to keep it smooth and even.

Dreamin Of Barbecue Later

What does a barbecue and a slab of wood have in common? A happy man standing next to it!

Don't Jump!!

Melinda trying out the second step of the smoke jumper training device

A blue tarp

Just a blue tarp and some boys gettin' their serve day on!

A job for tall people

A good ladder helps the tall people get taller! If you're superstitious, stay away from walking under the ladders. That's a good idea anyway so you dont' get paint in your hair.

Painting Tom

"I caught you lookin' at me! Now get back to work."


Who needs drugs to get high? A good ladder will do the job!